Ramp is a globally compliant on-ramp.

As such, we have to make sure we adhere to KYC rules concerning cryptocurrency purchases. In practice, this means that you as a user will need to work with us to verify your identity in order to transact via Ramp. Very often we are able to complete KYC identity verification using your bank account data via open banking API. This process takes seconds, and no physical document is required.

We try to keep formalities to the necessary minimum, but in some cases, we are obliged to perform extended KYC (for example, if requested by our banking partners); therefore, sometimes old-style account verification is necessary (in line with the KYC limits). This one-off verification procedure whitelists the account for all future transactions. Provided that the required documents are complete and in order, the verification process may take from 10 minutes up to the next working day.
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