In some cases, transactions take longer than expected

Transactions made via Ramp typically settle in seconds, but some transactions can take longer for reasons beyond Ramp's control.

You have paid by EUR (SEPA) bank transfer - those are not instant as SEPA transactions are settled in sessions, there are 5-6 of them during the day, and not all banks use all of those sessions to execute payments. So overall settlement time depends on many factors and the payment may be settled on the next working day. Always choose Easy bank payment option or card payment option if you want to get the transaction settled quickly.

You have made a mistake and provided incorrect references while doing a manual payment. The same applies if you transfer incorrect amount. In such cases, the system is unable to match the swap with the payment. So if you decide to perform manual payment, make sure that the amount is exact and the details (references) of the transaction are correct. In such case, you should contact us.

There are issues affecting the inter-bank clearing system.

There might be a problem on your bank's side. Sometimes banks can temporarily withhold payments due to their policies.

If you feel like your transaction takes longer than expected, contact us. We'll try to resolve your problem as quickly as possible.
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