Instant bank payments - the revolutionary way to buy crypto

Ramp is a powerful platform aiming to give everyone on earth easiest way to buy crypto. Ramp offers traditional ways to buy crypto, including card purchases, Apple Pay, manual bank transfers and various local payment methods.

We do also offer a truly revolutionary way to buy crypto in selected countries and banks for assets based on Ethereum blockchain. We call it instant bank payments.

Instant bank payments are easy, super fast, cheaper than cards and fully P2P. They are available in selected countries for crypto transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

Instant bank payments require you to connect your bank account with Ramp. This allows us to perform KYC, instruct your bank to set up a bank transfer you'll later approve and finally confirm the payment and settle your trade in seconds, not days. The trade is secured by Ramp's secure contracts.

Instant bank payment is the best way to purchase crypto with Ramp. go to Ramp and see if your bank is supported! We add coverage for new banks every couple weeks.