Ramp offers multiple ways to pay for crypto

Easy bank payments

In selected countries, we provide our best payment method - Easy bank transfer. It is far more convenient than other options and cheaper than other fast methods like card transactions.

Card payments

We currently support debit and credit Mastercard and Visa cards issued by major banks across the world.

Manual bank transfer

We currently support SEPA and Faster payments manual bank transfers. This method is less convenient and slower than the other methods, but definitely the cheapest one.

If you want to check if your country is supported, you can read more here.

Card purchases and Bank transfers should be sent from an account held in your own name and the transfer should clearly identify you as a sender. Transfers that do not comply with this condition will be processed on the best effort basis but at your own risk and may be refunded to the originating account at our sole discretion and without further notice. If we decide to allow such a transaction, some extra checks may be required and the settlement may be significantly delayed. Please note that the vast majority of payment processing intermediaries or agencies send payments in their own name rather than the name of their clients so such transfers are very likely to be non-compliant. Refunds of non-compliant transfers are subject to a handling fee of € 15.
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