Ramp Pools is decentralized system allowing anyone with a supported bank account to sell ETH, DAI or USDC from an easy to use applet.

It's a decentralized network of market makers offering crypto for sale. We do not intermediate in any trade; all the transactions are P2P.

How it works?

The buyers purchase crypto using an applet integrated into various sites, dApps and wallets - check the applet here

You can think of Ramp Instant as of Local Ethereum, where all transactions are automated. We connect with your bank account API and settle transactions automatically - no need to manually confirm arrival of wire transfer.

Your crypto is going to be locked in a secure smart contract and released automatically to buyers as their bank transfers arrive to your bank account.

We want to bootstrap the system by enrolling market makers just like you to provide initial liquidity and solve the chicken and egg problem.

We offer indemnity for any documented hacks, Ramp’s failures and other losses caused by our negligence and/or system technical failure without time limit.

When in doubt, check out other articles. When in greater doubt, contact us at pools@ramp.network.