If you care about speed, always choose Easy bank payments or card payments if your banks don't yet support Easy payments. Manual bank transfers take longer and can only settle during working hours.

Easy bank payments:

  • GBP transactions: up to 2 minutes

  • EUR transactions: from 10-20 minutes up to one working day

Card payments & Apple Pay:

  • up to 5 minutes

Manual bank transfers:

  • anything from 10-20 minutes up to one working day (D+2)

Bank payments (EUR) in the Single Euro Payments Area are settled in sessions - there are 5-6 sessions during the day, but not all banks use all sessions for payment processing. Usually, payments made before 12:00 noon are settled on the same day, while payments sent in the late afternoon or evening will settle on the next working day. Payments made on the weekend will be processed on the next working day or D+2. The speed of payment processing depends on the bank which sends the payment. Some banks process SEPA transfers as the cross border with a value date D+2, i.e. two full working days.

There is one exception to this - if the payment is made to the same bank you use, you may experience instant settlement. This is an exception, not a rule.

Please keep in mind that settlement times provided above are just estimates based on our current experience and sometimes may be significantly longer due to circumstances beyond our control.

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