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What is the First Transaction Free promotion and how do I qualify?
What is the First Transaction Free promotion and how do I qualify?
Available via select Ramp partners, the First Transaction Free lowers the cost for crypto newbies to get started with Web3.
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First Transaction Free is a joint promotion offered by Ramp and select participating integration partners to lower the barrier to entry and help crypto newbies get started with Web3 - particularly by making use of partner apps more accessible and attractive to first-time users.

How it works

With First Transaction Free, we waive all fees on the first transaction made by a user when purchasing cryptoassets via the Ramp integration on that partner's app (including network miner/validator and our platform fees).

While we won't charge fees on our side, other charges may still apply on the user’s side (such as any potential foreign exchange fees charged by their bank, for example).

Please have a look at our fee schedule to learn more about all potential costs involved in a transaction.


  • Only users who are using the Ramp integration to purchase an eligible cryptoasset for the first time on a participating partner's app will qualify for the offer;

  • Eligible cryptoassets: each participating partner is free to set which cryptoassets from our list of supported cryptoassets to include in the offer, and only assets selected by that partner will qualify on their app;

  • Multiple uses: users are eligible for this promotion every time they use the Ramp integration for the first time in a participating app. That means that a single user can qualify multiple times for the First Transaction Free promotion, once for each participating partner.


Let's use Alice, an individual crypto user, and two fictional web3 companies, ACME and ZYBO, to illustrate how the First Transaction Free promo works.

  • Alice is a crypto user who first bought crypto via Ramp at ACME wallet, taking advantage of the First Transaction Free promotion.

  • A few weeks later, she hears that the ZYBO NFT marketplace integrated Ramp and teamed up with us to offer First Transaction Free for their customers.

  • Excited, Alice heads to the marketplace and again selects Ramp to purchase more crypto using the ZYBO app.

  • Alice is not required to go through verification again (as her identity has been verified before when using ACME), and she is also eligible again for the First Transaction Free promo.


We reserve the right to modify, terminate or revoke this promotion at any time and without notice, either by our decision or by joint agreement with the participating partner. We may in our sole discretion, determine that the promotion shall only be applicable to a specific group of users.

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