How can I integrate Ramp with my platform or app?

Learn how to kickstart your Ramp integration with this detailed step-by-step guide.

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Interested in adding crypto buying or selling to your app? Our guide helps integrate Ramp smoothly.

Though crypto integration can seem complex, with regulations and API keys, rest assured! Our concise guide covers you. We assure an easy Ramp integration and full support.

Join partners who have boosted engagement and revenue via direct crypto transactions. Explore the Ramp integration steps in this article to get started.

Step 1: Submit your information and supporting documents

Once you've gathered the necessary materials for partnership, it's time to apply. Begin by completing the form on our contact page, providing more insight into your company.

Following the initial application review (1-2 business days), you'll receive an email with the outcome – hopefully, an approval! This email should contain:

  • Due diligence form

  • Staging API key (for sandbox testing)

  • Guide on optimal Ramp widget implementation

After this, a representative from our sales team will personally manage your application.

If your application does not succeed this time, we'll email you the reasons. Don't worry – if your circumstances change, you can reapply later!

Step 2: Go through due diligence

We take compliance very seriously – it's the bedrock that lets us operate smoothly across over 150 countries and regions.

Our due diligence process involves a deep dive into the details you provide, coupled with our own investigation. This process is essential to ensure you meet all the regulatory requirements so we can partner with your company.

Here’s what we need:

  • Due diligence form: fill out this form with your company’s basic details, such as, area of activity, owner(s) documentation, and details about how you plan on using the integration.

  • Proof of incorporation of your company: a legal document that proves your company is properly registered in your jurisdiction. For non-English documents, we also require a translation.

  • Terms of service: your service’s full terms and conditions for end-users, including your terms of service and privacy policy.

Once you’ve supplied this information, we pass it to our compliance team for a thorough review.

Step 3: Awaiting Compliance Results

Assuming you've supplied all necessary information, this process typically spans 7-10 business days.

Should anything be missing or further details required, we'll reach out via email. It's crucial to note that incomplete or inaccurate information can potentially extend the timeline, so ensuring comprehensive data submission is key!

Step 4: Seal the Deal

Upon receiving compliance approval, we'll forward:

  • Your partnership contract draft: Take the time to carefully review its contents, fill in the necessary details, and promptly return it to us.

  • Production API keys: Your means to unlock full payment method access, enabling seamless interaction with various transaction options.

Subsequently, the official contract will be sent via Docusign. Your signature activates the full integration process.

Step 5: Double-check your integration

After your system is up and active, our team will conduct a comprehensive assessment. This guarantees seamless integration that adheres to our best practices, ensuring you derive optimal value from our partnership.

Finally, after you’re up and running, our team will check that the integration is running smoothly and that it follows our best practices so that you’re making the most out of our partnership.

If you need any help, reach out to us at We'll be more than happy to help you!

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