Ramp integration API keys explained

Comprehensive guide to Ramp API Keys for seamless widget control and enhanced features.

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What is the purpose of an API key?

An API key enables full integration with our widget, allowing customization, tracking, and access to new features like tailoring the destination wallet icon, name, and tooltip.

Where do I include my Ramp API Key?

Once you've received your API key, enter it into the Ramp widget as the *hostApiKey* parameter.

Is it safe to expose the API key within the URL?

Yes, disclosing your API key within the URL is completely safe. With the hostApiKey parameter's help and no secure data to guard, it's specifically designed to be placed on the front end. We can also easily configure which pages your API key will appear on.

Why do I get an error when using my API key?

Remember that you will receive both a staging and a production API key; double-check you're connecting the correct API key with the right environment.

Does Ramp's REST API support the option of buying crypto?

Ramp's REST API doesn't support direct crypto purchases. By using our API key, you can directly request the following:

  • Available assets and their prices

  • Enabled features for your integration

  • Supported countries

  • Purchase status

Can I share my API key with affiliates and share in the revenue?

No, the API key cannot be shared and is for the use of only one entity.

If you have any further questions regarding Ramp’s API key, do not hesitate to contact us directly at partner@ramp.network. We’d be more than happy to help you!

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