What data is available in the Partner Portal?

Learn how you can use the data in the Portal to make the most of your integration.

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Broadly speaking, the Partner Portal helps you to better understand your users and to spot growth opportunities.

The exact content and data types present in the platform are only available to our integration partners. However, more generally, the insights provided by the Partner Portal should enable you to:

  • track and optimize the commercial performance of your integration;

  • monitor trends in volume growth;

  • understand how much revenue the integration brings to your business;

  • monitor transactional patterns in real time, so you're able to identify any potential bottlenecks early.

Armed with this information, you’ll be able to validate hypotheses about feature needs, schedule relevant marketing campaigns, and accurately target users to get the best result from campaigns.

Data protection

We handle and process data responsibly and ethically.

Our Ramp Partner Portal is fully compliant with global data protection regulations, and we have implemented strong data protection processes around it - including pseudonymization and anonymization of personal information.

Further details on how we process personal data can be found in our privacy notice.

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