Written Notification of EFT errors

Instructions for the identification and reporting of irregularities in EFT activities within your account.

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In case of EFT Errors , please contact our Support Team at support@ramp.network and include the following relevant information:

  1. your name, and email address; and

  2. the details of your claim;

  3. and, where appropriate or required by us:address, and/or

  4. telephone number; and/or

  5. the transaction reference number; and/or

  6. the bank account number

  7. any documents or other evidence you wish to rely on as proof; and/or

  8. your request.

Making an inquiry is generally not subject to these requirements, but our ability to answer inquiries may be dependent on your providing us with additional relevant information and/or data.

You can only make complaints on behalf of yourself and not on behalf of other customers, unless the circumstances require it.

The process of handling the claim can be found under

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