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How can I earn from my Ramp Integration?
How can I earn from my Ramp Integration?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Partner Commission Implementation and Management with Ramp Integration.

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Earning Through Your Ramp Integration

Partner Commission is a way for eligible partners to monetize (or earn extra revenue from) their apps by charging a small commission on top of transactions that are executed via the Ramp integration in their apps. This commission sits on top of all other fees incurred during the transaction.

Remember that higher fees usually discourage user conversion, so this option might not be suited to every project.

How can I implement the Partner Commission and manage it?

The Partner Commission is only available for partners whose monthly transaction volumes meet certain criteria. Talk to our partnerships team if you're considering adding one. If you're eligible, our team will help you set, change, and toggle your Partner Commission on and off.

You can set your commission to any value, and you can change it later if you decide to. However, we recommend staying below 1%, as excessive fees might discourage users from transacting.

The commission appears at the moment of the quote and is deducted from the net amount, together with the Ramp processing fee.

How do payouts work for Partner Commissions?

You can choose to receive payouts in fiat or cryptocurrency - contact our partnerships team for more information.

Once you accumulate at least €5,000 (or equivalent) in commissions in a month, we’ll send the funds to your bank account or crypto wallet monthly.

If the generated amount is lower than this threshold, then we’ll send you a payout every quarter.

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