Worldcoin Selling Limits (WLD)
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Worldcoin Selling Limits

The selling limit for WLD tokens is connected to grants from Worldcoin and purchases made through Ramp. This ensures responsible use of WLD and aligns with Worldcoin's guidelines for digital money.

We've set up a system where each new grant automatically increases your selling limit. This way, your limit gets a bit higher each time, making your experience with Worldcoin even better.

To keep everything safe and following the rules, our system adjusts your current transaction to fit within the selling limit rules.

If you get a message saying you reached your selling limit for Worldcoin tokens ($WLD), don't worry. It just means you hit a limit, but it goes up on its own when you get a new Worldcoin grant.

Buying $WLD through Ramp is another way to increase your selling limit, but it only goes up to the amount you buy. This way, we encourage responsible use and keep everything safe on the Worldcoin platform. It's important to note that you can only sell the WLD purchased through Ramp on the same wallet in which you purchased it. If you move it around to another wallet, then you cannot sell it on that new wallet. This is important because in the Worldcoin app, at this point, you cannot purchase WLD through Ramp; you can only do so through other partners like MetaMask or Trust Wallet.

In conclusion, Worldcoin, with the help of Ramp, has these limits to make sure everyone is secure, follows the rules, and enjoys a positive experience with WLD tokens.

If you have any questions or run into issues, our support team is here to help you through the process for a successful experience on our platform.

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