With Ramp users can rest easy knowing they're getting the best rates and low fees. Any fee users pay will always include the total amount shown on the purchase screen.

For example, if you pay 100 USD, that is all you'll be charged, and we won't add any additional fees down the line.

For bank transfers in the US, users can pick from ACH (Direct Payouts) or RTP (Real-Time Payments) transactions with a minimum fee of 3.99 USD or 0.99% per transaction.

Important Info on Network Fees

As a reminder, every crypto-to-fiat exchange requires an additional network processing fee, and this is to cover costs associated with the blockchain. This network processing fee is charged outside of the Ramp application, which is necessary for allowing the exchange of fiat currencies into crypto.

Every fee goes to the miners and validators, not to Ramp, and these fees will be charged through any of the users' desired 3rd party wallet/tool/protocol.

Remember, the network fees paid can vary depending on the current blockchain requirements, which are beyond our control.

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