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How come I didn't receive my requested one-time password?
How come I didn't receive my requested one-time password?

Banks are responsible for handling all one-time passwords; if you didn't receive a password, try directly contacting your bank.

Updated over a week ago

A one-time password (which can also come in the form of a code or message from the bank) provides an additional layer of security, ensuring that you are the person who authorized the transaction. If you didn't receive a one-time password, this will depend on if your bank operates on the 3D Secure protocol.

If your bank doesn't operate on the 3D Secure protocol, it's a good idea to try using a different card from another bank under your name. The safety of all transactions is our top priority; therefore, Ramp will not be able to process a transaction that isn’t supported by 3D Secure.

Banks are responsible for issuing one-time passwords, a process that Ramp isn't involved with at all. If you find you didn't receive your one-time password, contact your bank regarding this issue.

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