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Why does it keep saying my card payment failed?
Why does it keep saying my card payment failed?

If you find your card payments are failing on Ramp, there can be several reasons to check for and quickly fix.

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If your card payments are failing, there can be several reasons. Here’s a list of some of the most typical reasons for card payments to fail:

  • Your bank declines crypto transactions as it’s not crypto-friendly

  • The bank card you are using doesn't support crypto purchases

  • You exceeded your card's daily transaction limit or have insufficient funds (remember to include all additional fees into your total on top of your crypto purchase)

  • You used an expired bank card

Remember that problems sometimes come down to simple errors when entering card or CVV/CVC details. The CVV/CVC is a 3-digit number on the back of most bank cards (right next to the signature bar), which adds another layer of security when making online purchases.

The 3D Secure (3DS) asks customers to successfully verify their identity, which usually occurs right before paying. Then it’ll direct users to an authentication page to fill in a password sent to their phone. If everything is fine with entering card details, then it might be that the 3D Secure isn't activated (if this does happen, try using another bank card from a different bank).

Below is a step-by-step guide to help you troubleshoot these issues and get you back on track quickly:

1. Double-check all information is correct

Take your time and double-check that every piece of information entered is correct.

Sometimes, an error can occur from punching in the wrong card number, or other times it might be from exceeding your daily transaction limit.

2. Check your online bank account

Double-check your online banking to see if a debit on your account shows the crypto transaction amount. If nothing does show up, use a card from another bank with your name, and try again.

If you were debited but never received your crypto purchase, download a PDF (we don’t accept screenshots) of the payment confirmation and contact the support team at Ramp. The PDF should clearly show your full name, date, and the deduction amount (known as a Ramp Swaps).

3. Contact your bank

We recommend directly contacting your bank if the issue persists across multiple transactions. At Ramp, when a bank refuses a transaction, we aren't given any details beyond a generic "declined" response; your bank will have all the information to fix this issue and help you activate your 3D Secure if not enabled.

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