When are cryptoasset rates determined?

Cryptoasset exchange rates to fiat are determined when funds are received by us, not when the transaction is initiated.

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The amount of crypto you will receive is determined by the exchange rate when your payment settle into our account, not when the order was placed.

The same is also true when selling your crypto. The rate you get is determined when your transaction is validated by the blockchain and your cryptoassets settle into our wallet.

The faster your payment method or crypto transfer is, the better chance you have of receiving the rate you were quoted when initiating your transaction.

Conversely, the longer your payment takes to reach our account, the higher the chance that the exchange rate between your fiat currency and the cryptoasset you're purchasing changes.

That's why we encourage you to choose the fastest payment methods available to you when purchasing, and sending your crypto to us as soon as you can when selling crypto.

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