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What happens if I used the wrong reference number for my transfer?
What happens if I used the wrong reference number for my transfer?

For transfers to be completed, the reference number and transaction amount must match up; keep reading for more.

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EUR Manual Bank Transfers

Regarding EUR manual bank transfers, without the correct unique transaction reference, we won't be able to match it to the proper transaction amount; if this does happen, the funds will be refunded back to your bank account. Keep in mind that the speed of a transfer depends entirely on your bank.

Remember that if you decide to perform a manual bank transfer for future transactions, always double-check that the amount and unique transaction reference are correct.

GBP Manual Bank Transfers

For users conducting GBP manual bank transfers, please provide the following to

  • your email address

  • the reference number of the transfer

  • payment confirmation in a PDF format of the transaction from your bank account (we cannot accept screenshots)

Remember that refunds of GBP transfers aren't automatic; as we conduct these types of refunds manually and need the payment confirmation to complete this process.

Lastly, it's important to note that the unique transaction reference will appear as a mix of numbers and letters, beginning with R and ending with P, found within the Ramp widget while you initiate your manual transfer.

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