How long does KYC verification take with Ramp?
Typically, the KYC verification process takes 10 minutes, and in some cases, it can take up to the following business day.
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As a globally compliant cryptocurrency provider, Ramp adheres to international KYC best practices.

The KYC verification process usually takes less than 10 minutes although in some cases it can take up to the following business day. The time frame to complete KYC verification may vary depending on the validity and completeness of your documentation and the number of requests being submitted.

For EU and UK Citizens ONLY Ramp can quickly complete the KYC verification process using the open banking API's help of your bank account data. Please note however that the availability of this option will depend on your bank.

This process requires no physical documents, only takes a few seconds to finalize, and is available for EU and UK users looking to spend:

· less than 200 EUR in 24 hours; or

· 2000 EUR in 31 days or less.

Ramp conducts traditional KYC verifications for all other users depending on the requested transaction amount.

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