What made my card check fail on Ramp?

If a card check notification appears on the Ramp widget, here's a list of things you can check for and quickly fix.

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Once you receive a message within the widget saying, "Card check failed; please check your card details and try again.", there are usually a few things that you can check and quickly fix everything. Below is a list of possible reasons why your card check did fail:

  1. In most cases, your bank likely rejected the transaction, which could mean your bank doesn't support crypto purchases. As another option, try using a card (held in your name) by a different bank. Lastly, try contacting your bank directly for more details.

  2. Possibly some billing address details were entered incorrectly (for example, entering PO box details instead of a Postal Code)

  3. Some blank spaces were left; remember to fill out every section entirely

  4. Check if your card is valid, or reach out to your bank to see if they blocked it

  5. Make sure you use debit or credit cards issued by either MasterCard or Visa

  6. Double-check that your 3D Secured is enabled

  7. Ensure your transaction does not exceed the KYC limits.

At Ramp, we support all banks; however, sometimes, the MCC code used for crypto-related transactions causes banks to block the process as a security measure. The MCC or merchant category code is a four-digit code to classify the goods or services a retail business sells.

Even if transactions have gone through previously, banks can block any further transactions that they feel are suspicious or questionable. When this happens, it's best to contact your bank and settle the issue with them directly, as they have the power to fix any account issues.

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