How do I verify my source of funds (SoF)?

To meet our regulatory requirements, we may need to collect information about the source of your income and funds. Here's how it works.

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When do I need to verify my source of funds?

In certain instances, we’re required by regulations to ask you to provide information on your source of income and for documents that prove the source of the funds you’re using for a transaction. This is crucial to make sure all funds handled by Ramp come from a legitimate source.

How do I verify my source of funds?

⚠️ You can initiate the verification process by interacting with our chatbot. Once you've learned the guidelines, click the green button at the bottom of the page.

⚠️ Note that your ID and address must be verified before you can proceed with the source of funds verification. If these haven't been verified yet, kindly reach out to our support team before proceeding.

Step 1. Provide information on your source of income/wealth.
Let us know how you've accumulated your wealth over your lifetime. Possible sources include Employment, Self-employment, Property rental income, Investments, Pension, Inheritance, Loan, Family or spousal support.

Step 2. Provide information on the source of funds for your pending transaction.

We accept many different sources of funds, with the main requirement being that you own the funds, and that they come from legitimate and legal activities. Here are some examples: Savings, Employment, Self-employment, Pension, Property sale / rental income, Investments, Other (alimony, welfare payments)

Step 3. Provide information on the document you would like to submit as the source of funds for your pending transaction.

Each source of funds will require different types of evidence, and you will be asked about them during the process.


Requirements/Supporting docs

Bank statements

  • Covering the three (3) most recent months


  • Three (3) most recent payslips

Tax returns

  • Must correspond to the latest tax period

Digital Asset Exchange Statement

  • Covering the three (3) most recent months

Property sales

  • Property sales agreement, AND

  • Bank statement showing the credited funds to your account.

Investment/brokerage statements

  • Covering the three (3) most recent months


  • Copy of the loan agreement, AND

  • Bank statement showing the credited funds to your account.


  • Copy of the will, grant of probate, trust deed, or a letter from the solicitor, AND

  • Bank statement showing the credited funds to your account.

Company ownership

  • Articles of Incorporation or Ownership Certificate, AND

  • Proof of company profitability, OR

  • Proof of income received from the company

Step 4. Gather the documents you would like to submit.

These documents must include the funds you would like to use to cover your recent transactions.

Step 5. Prepare an email to the Ramp team.

Write a message to the team with the subject line: "Ramp Account - Source of Funds documents".

In the email, please specify what is your main source of income and what documents you are attaching.

Example: My main source of income is Self-employment. As my source of funds document, I am attaching my bank statements.

Step 6. Attach your bank statements to the email.

Step 7. Send your email to

In order for the documents to be accepted as evidence, any documents you provide MUST:

  • Be sent from the same email you use on Ramp;

  • Show your full name, the issuer’s name, and the date of issuance;

  • Be written in either the Latin or Cyrillic alphabet;

  • Be clearly readable and shown in full (no parts of the document should be covered or folded);

  • Be shared in PDF or high-quality image (e.g., JPG or PNG) format;

  • NOT be a screenshot (screenshots are NOT accepted).

Bear in mind that we must manually review your documents, and this process can take up to ten business days.

Click here to open the support chat and start your Source of Funds verification.

What happens if I don’t provide evidence for the source of my funds?

If you can’t provide the required documentation showing the source of your funds, your transaction will be cancelled.

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