Ramp is an industry leader offering some of the best fees among all crypto providers. As one of the most powerful gateways to crypto, Ramp is about making cryptocurrencies accessible for everyone.

Before paying, users will see the fee summary showing 2 sets of fees on a purchase screen, which are:

1. Ramp fee - is the cost we incur to process your transaction (this fee can change depending on which payment method the user selects)

2. Network fee - all of which goes to miners and validators (none goes to Ramp) to cover all blockchain transaction costs

Credit and debit card transactions


Manual bank transfer

Easy bank transfer

Card transaction

Minimum fee

2.49 EUR

2.49 EUR

2.49 EUR

Under 2500 EUR




Over 2500 EUR




Here are a few key points to keep in mind when it comes to transaction fees with Ramp:

  • For all transactions, the minimum fee is 2.49 EUR

  • Transactions recorded on that specific blockchain may require network fees

  • Network fees fluctuate depending on the current level of blockchain traffic and requirements

Banks might charge additional fees for currency conversion or international transactions when paying with a credit card. If you're hoping to avoid these fees, use a debit card or a bank transfer instead.

Transaction fee examples

As a reminder, all total purchase amounts already include all necessary fees. To give you a better idea, let's crunch some numbers to illustrate this point better.

For example, you pay using 500 EUR, your total purchase (495.05 worth in crypto with 4.95 in fees). In this case, it includes all the fees needed to complete the transaction. Take a look below for a detailed breakdown of this example:

Manual transfer transactions

  • 0.99% per transaction up to 2500 EUR

  • 0.49% per transaction greater than 2500 EUR (0.99% on 2500 EUR, then 0.49% on additional amount)

Easy bank transfer transactions

  • 1.99% per transaction up to 2500 EUR

  • 1.49% for transactions greater than 2500 EUR (1.99% on 2500 EUR, then 1.49% on additional amount)

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