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Can I use someone else's bank card to buy crypto on Ramp?
Can I use someone else's bank card to buy crypto on Ramp?

When purchasing crypto on Ramp, it's crucial to ensure the bank card and account used are both in your name; for more, read on.

Updated over a week ago

At Ramp, we want to ensure that you're in complete control of all your crypto purchases, the safety of all transactions is our top priority. When it comes to card purchases and bank transfers, keep the following in mind:

  • Funds must come from an account held in your name

  • The transfer must identify you as the sender

Here are some helpful reminders:

Remember that the purchase can be refunded back to the original account at our discretion without further notice. Keep in mind that we will not be able to send any official bank documents regarding the refund.

In cases where we decide to allow such a transaction, we will require extra security checks, and the transaction might be significantly delayed. For users having difficulties with their bank cards, contact your bank for further assistance.

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