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How does Ramp set the price of cryptoassets?
How does Ramp set the price of cryptoassets?

Read on to understand what goes into the process of pricing cryptoassets at Ramp.

Updated over a week ago

We price cryptoassets based on a floating exchange rate; the actual executed price is determined at the time we receive the payment, not at the time that the order was created.

While the price quoted at the start of the transaction is a very good indicator of the executed price (especially if a user uses a fast payment method), the actual executed price corresponds to that asset's exchange rate at the moment the user’s payment settles into our accounts. This may be lower or higher than the original quote.

The fees we charge are shown separately from the quoted asset exchange price.

For price discovery, we use data from a reputable partner that serves over 300 crypto exchanges and aggregates price data for over 30k trading pairs across a huge array of markets. To add an extra security layer, we’re also partners with another leading crypto price aggregator, which serves as a backup data source.

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