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Why did I receive a different amount of crypto than I was quoted?
Why did I receive a different amount of crypto than I was quoted?

Here are the main reasons why you might have received more or less than the indicative quote for your transaction.

Updated over a week ago

You might have received a different amount (higher or lower) than the initial quote you were given when buying or selling cryptoassets.

We're upfront about our fees and the way we set the prices of cryptoassets. However, there are some factors outside of our control that might impact the amount of crypto or fiat you receive after a transaction. Here are the main ones:

Crypto market price volatility

We price assets based on a floating exchange rate; the actual executed price is determined at the time the payment is received, not at the time that the order was created.

While the price quoted at the start of the transaction is a very good indicator of the executed price, the actual executed price is the one at the moment the user’s payment settles into our accounts.

This may be lower or higher than the original quote and tends to be more pronounced for slower payment or payout methods.

User-side: additional bank fees

Some banks charge additional fees for international transactions. Depending on your bank and their fee schedule, you might inadvertently be charged for using our services.

This is entirely on your bank's side, and you should contact them to find out if they charge this type of fee.

User-side: fiat currency exchange fees

If your local currency isn't natively supported by Ramp, you might be charged a currency conversion fee by your bank or payment provider when making a transaction.

Be aware that while some banks or payment processors offer mid-market rates for fiat currency conversion, many others may add their own currency exchange fees.

Consult your bank/payment processor to find out how they handle fiat currency exchanges.

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