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What Proof of Address guidelines does Ramp follow?
What Proof of Address guidelines does Ramp follow?

The Proof of Address (POA) process helps to verify a user's address using an official document.

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In addition to the ID verification, depending on the country, Ramp requires Proof of Address (POA). POA should be an official document from a government agency, utility company, or bank that lists the user's residential address.

Please ensure your POA document has been issued within three (3) from the date of submitting it to Ramp. Below see a list of documents we do and don't accept as POA. It's important to remember that the name on the POA document must match the ID document. Remember that users cannot submit the same document twice when verifying their ID and POA.

These are the POA documents we do accept (all submitted documents cannot be older than three (3) months):

  • Bank statement

  • Utility bills

  • Internet/cable, TV/landline phone bill

  • Tax returns

  • Council tax bills

  • Government-issued certification of residence

  • Debit or credit card statement

  • Recent payslip, payroll statement, or similar document from your current employer

These are the POA documents we do not accept:

  • Screenshots

  • Mobile phone bills

  • Medical bills

  • Receipts for purchases

  • Insurance statements

General guidelines

Pay attention to the following when it comes time to submit your POA document:

  • Double-check that your POA document has your full name, address, date of issue, and company logo

  • Capture a photo of the document in a well-lit area; ensuring all details are readable and visible

  • Share either a photo or PDF file of the document (we don't accept screenshots)

  • Provide an official document, such as a bank statement (users can not complete POA documents by hand)

  • ID documents such as passports are not acceptable POA documents

  • POA documents belonging to a family member are not acceptable

  • Ensure you don't submit any documents from the "we do not accept" list for your POA

Here are some points to keep in mind when submitting your ID:

  • Check that your document is valid for at least three (3) months before the expiry date (from the date it's presented to Ramp)

  • Ensure the entire document is visible, including all edges in the frame and data stripes on most passports

  • Double-check that all photos and document details are clear and easy to read (have no glare)

  • If you are using a National Identity Card or Driver's License, you must present a photo of both the front and back of the ID document

  • For Canadians, using a provincial health insurance card is also acceptable (capture both the front and back of the health insurance card)

  • Upload only original images, which should be in full color

  • For the final step, users need to complete a "selfie video" to meet the requirements for the 'liveness check,' along with the ID and POA documents

Keep in mind that if you're uploading a bank statement, it cannot be empty; it needs to show multiple visible transactions.

All details on your POA document must be at least partially in the Latin alphabet, with all other necessary details being readable in the Latin or Cyrillic alphabet.

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