As the name implies, easy bank transfers make buying crypto an absolute breeze. Users can buy crypto in seconds based on specific countries listed and selected banks as a revolutionary payment process.

Easy Bank Transfers work in 4 simple steps:

  1. Link your bank account to Ramp

  2. Allow Ramp to perform a seamless KYC check

  3. Notify your bank to set up a transfer approval for you

  4. Click confirm, and your payment is on its way

Here are a few reminders when using easy bank transfers:

  • For those whose native currencies aren't GBP or EUR, make sure to convert enough funds to cover your transaction

  • Ensure you have enough money to complete the transaction; if you don't, the payment could fail

While some banks can do easy bank transfers independently, another popular choice is Revolut. Available in the EU and UK, Revolut is an engine that helps make easy bank transfers possible.

Lastly, remember that when it comes to Revolut, GBP transactions settle within minutes. At the same time, Revolut EUR transactions settle much like a manual bank transfer, which is cheaper but takes longer to settle.

Manual bank transfers are an excellent alternative for users whose bank does not offer this option; if you're unsure, contact and check that your bank offers this feature.

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