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How To Pay with a Manual Bank Transfer

For everything on how to pay using manual bank transfers, read on to learn more.

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As one of the most affordable options, manual bank transfers are great for anyone looking to get the most out of their money. This step-by-step guide will walk you through how to pay with a manual bank transfer. If you're a newcomer to crypto, this article is for you.

1. Set Up Your Bank Transfer

After selecting how much you'd like to spend or the volume of crypto you want to purchase on the Ramp application, select the bank transfer option as your payment method.

2. Open Your Banking App

After you've begun the bank transfer process, open your banking app to transfer funds from your account to Ramp for your purchase order.

3. Enter Ramp's Banking Info

From there, copy and paste into your banking app Ramp's IBAN, SWIFT code, and the organization's name; you'll find all this information within your transaction status page on the Ramp application (you’ll also receive a link in your email).

4. Double-check Everything is Correct

You must double-check that all information you enter is correct, such as unique transaction reference, purchase amount, and your full legal name. Please pay attention that your unique transaction reference is correct, as this is how we identify your transaction by matching it to the purchase amount.

Remember that each transaction's reference number is unique and only for one-time use.

5. Success, You're All Done!

Now that you've completed your purchase, watch out for an email from us confirming that we received your payment.

Some Friendly Reminders

It's important to note that transaction times can occasionally take a bit longer due to reasons beyond our control. Below are some helpful points to keep in mind when using manual bank transfers to buy crypto with Ramp; for more, keep reading.

  • If your bank doesn't support SEPA Instant EUR transfers, settlement times can take 2-3 business days, while German banks need 6-8 business days.

  • If you enter a different reference number or purchase amount, our system might find it challenging to match your transaction with the correct payment amount. Typically, this results in a refund if your purchase cannot match the right payment total.

  • Regarding EUR manual bank transfers, if the unique transaction reference is incorrect, we will not receive any of the funds; in this case, you should contact your bank.

  • If the unique transaction reference is entered incorrectly for GBP transfers, contact Ramp support and send us a payment confirmation so we can locate and process your transaction.

  • When it comes to manual bank transfers, always check that the unique transaction reference and purchase amount are correct before completing the transfer.

  • If your transaction has already expired, once the bank hands over your funds, contact Ramp support, and we will manually process the transaction.

  • Lastly, if you find your crypto was released but hasn't appeared in your wallet, contact your wallet provider for a status on your transaction.

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