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Why didn't I receive my crypto purchase using a manual bank transfer?
Why didn't I receive my crypto purchase using a manual bank transfer?

While transactions usually settle within minutes on Ramp, delays can happen; for more information, read on.

Updated over a week ago

With Ramp, crypto transactions settle within just minutes. However, transaction times can occasionally take longer to settle for reasons beyond our control. Here are some of the most common reasons why your transaction might take longer; for more information on what to look for, read on.

  1. Remember that for users whose banks are unable to support EUR manual bank transfers, this option can take 2-3 business days or more to settle, with German banks requiring 6-8 business days.

  2. When a different reference number is inserted while making a manual payment or a different amount is transferred than found on the original transaction, the system might be unable to match the transaction number to the correct payment total.

    For manual bank payments, double-check that the amount and the reference numbers are both correct and located within the transaction window. If you still have issues, reach out to Ramp support by submitting a ticket via email, found at the bottom.

  3. Sometimes, there can be an issue from the bank's side, which can result in the bank temporarily withholding payments due to their policies. If your transaction has already expired once your bank releases the funds to Ramp, email Ramp support, found at the bottom, and we will manually process your transaction.

If you can see on your receipt that your crypto was released, but the crypto hasn't shown up in your wallet, contact your wallet provider and ask for an update on the status of your transaction.

If none of these suggestions have resolved your issue, contact Ramp support for further assistance.

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